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In the Specialty Plant Nutrition market we are not only committed to the field, but on top of that, our technical and agronomical know-how and the quality of our products and services will certainly add to the success of your business.
SQM VITAS relies on the Roullier Group background in and marketing of producing Specialty Animal Nutrition. Its activity is supported by two basic columns; Research and Development, and Nutrition advising.
SQM VITAS has a wide industrial knowledge and experience in the production and marketing of hygiene and detergency solutions for the professionals in the agro-feeding, agriculture and transport industry.
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SQM VITAS inaugurates new production facilities in Puerto Real, the port of Cádiz, Spain           Training with Antonio Alarcón and Marcel Bugter at SQM VITAS Peru           XIII Simposium Internacional de la Uva en Perú – SIUVA 2012

On 12th June, in Puerto Real, Cádiz, Spain....
Continuing with its technical team permanent training program and its effort to spread technical agriculture in Peru, SQM VITAS Peru...
With the purpose of actively participating in the most recognized and attended Peruvian viticulture event, SQM VITAS Peru ...

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